Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Premium is not always the best location in advertising: ComScore Study

When discussing viewability, there is a common misperception that ads delivered ‘above-the-fold’ are seen, while ads delivered ‘below-the-fold’ are not. While the quality of in-view rates can vary from ‘above-the-fold’ versus ‘below the fold’ ad delivery, the vCE Charter Study results help to dispel some of these myths. Surprisingly, the findings demonstrate that some ads delivered ‘above-the-fold’ were not seen because users quickly scrolled past them before the ad had a chance to load, and alternatively, many ads placed ‘below-the-fold’ delivered a high opportunity to be seen 

The implications of these findings are far-reaching, and there are broad applications for both buyers and sellers of online media. Publishers, for example, should monetize all ads on their site that deliver an opportunity to be seen, regardless of where the ad is placed on the site. This might mean that inventory ‘below-the-fold’ can be priced as premium as long as the publisher can prove it was  viewed. Alternatively, marketers can look for inventory that is currently identified as remnant, which till delivers attractive inview rates. Much of this inventory resides in exchanges and can be better optimized by taking into account its placement specific viewability potential. 

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