Saturday, March 31, 2012

Stop Making These Three Customer-Service Mistakes

Businesses value few things more than happy customers. Pleased clients come back for more. They tell their family and friends about your business. They create new customer opportunities, and we can count on their repeat business for a long time. Who doesn’t want more of that?

To achieve that type of trust with a customer, you must consistently deliver a very high level of customer service. That means not just doing a fantastic job but also avoiding common customer-service slip-ups.

Make sure your business avoids the following mistakes.

Failing to train your staff. Does your company believe in the “baptism by fire” training system? Do you make the mistake of only training for the technical skills required on the job? Customer-service training gives your employees the tools and the confidence to gracefully deal with angry and dissatisfied clients.

Trying to win the argument. Perception is reality. Don’t try to win the argument if it means losing the customer. First,apologize for what has displeased the customer. Remember that when we’re angry or disappointed, we want to hear that someone else cares about our feelings. So, acknowledge the customer’s feelings first and then seek a solution. The blame game has no place in superb customer service.

Letting technology get in the way. We all love how technology makes us more efficient, but it can also make us more difficult to reach. Be sure that your customers can reach a real person if they have a problem. Pointing an irate customer to your FAQs on the website or sending him into your voice mail loop is only going to frustrate him more. Get the customer to an empathetic human as quickly as possible.

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