Saturday, March 31, 2012

Student habits forecast digital future for shopper marketing.

The study, called “The Pulse of the (Canadian) Student Shopper,” indicates a retail eco-system where purchase decisions are going to be increasingly made as a result of a variety of predominantly digital touch-points.

Here are some of the stats:
56% of Canadian student shoppers use, or own, a smartphone.
Over a third of them follow a brand online via social media, more than celebrities and athletes.
57% have downloaded at least one retailer app.
34% use some sort of geo-location tool regularly.
27% indicated already downloading a store locator app.
35% have shared photos, or clothing, shoes or accessories they want to buy via social media.

And more than half think retailers could use more technology in-store to make the experience richer by giving more information, detail and perspective on products. The study’s results suggest retailers should place more importance on leveraging mobile.

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