Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Three Deadly Mistakes Of Mobile Marketing

Most business are still new to mobile marketing. Previously, mobile marketing, now an integral part of digital marketing, was all about just selling ringtones and sending text messages. However, recent years have witnessed an incredible change in the concept. In the past few years companies, both big and small, have undertaken mobile marketing and advertising to reach a much larger customer and client base. Cell phone advertising has immensely helped companies across the globe, to promote and sell their brands, products and services to customers and clients who are smart phone users.
However, unless a company understands what mobile marketing is, it is quite difficult to move ahead with the campaign. No wonder, there are many small and medium companies that repeat certain deadly mistakes in mobile marketing.
We list four major mobile marketing mistakes that every small company must avoid:
Mistake#1: Building a mobile application but not promoting it.
There are over 500,000 applications available from iPhone, Android and Blackberry. For a particular application developed by you, to get noticed by a customer, you have to take up proper measures to market it.
You should strive to promote an application through mobile advertising, traditional ads, emails and text messaging. This will help you meet competition.
Mistake#2: Building a website that is not mobile optimized.
Often, many small companies do not pay heed to building mobile sites. A mobile site is entirely different from that of a desktop site. The content, design and interface should be very simple, user-friendly and attractive.
You should remember, that mobile users browse for specific information or content on their phones. Other than just building a fantastic mobile site, what you should do is use analytics to understand what users actually look for in a website.
Mistake#3: Creating content that is not mobile friendly.
Bad decision. Many small enterprises create and sell content to users, that is anything but mobile friendly. It might be a video that cannot be downloaded or heavy text that takes too much time to load. It’s a complete waste of time and resources.
What you need to do is market content (texts, pictures or videos) via mobile, that is easily downloadable and offers users with proper experience.
Mobile marketing calls for proper understanding of the concept. Let not your mistakes be so deadly to result in huge marketing failure.

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