Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tips to Align Shopper Marketing and Trade Promotions.

As shopper marketing initiatives continue to gain momentum, CPG / FMCG companies are seeing increasing interaction between the teams responsible for trade funding/programs and those responsible for shopper marketing solutions. The intersection of the two disciplines is creating both operational and financial challenges while organizations seek to define the best path forward.
Booz & Company recently conducted an industry-wide survey to build a better understanding of the magnitude of these changes. The resulting findings provide the industry with insights on how to enhance the impact of their shopper marketing programs in addition to facilitate better planning and coordination between trade promotions and shopper marketing.

Four key takeaways from the study are as under:
  • Takeaway #1: Shopper marketing is a maturing discipline that is still evolving, but increasingly touching trade promotion processes from planning to funding and execution. 
  • Takeaway #2: While companies across all CPG industries are facing similar challenges, a pack of leaders is emerging. They are establishing best practices that are resulting in brand share growth and ROI from shopper marketing investments.
  • Takeaway #3: Any company can become a leader in shopper marketing by focusing on building winning capabilities (i.e., superior planning, organization, metrics).
  • Takeaway #4: Future leaders in shopper marketing will leverage digital to enhance the effectiveness of shopper solutions and build more holistic capabilities for stronger collaboration with retail trading partners.
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