Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Top 5 Trends for Search & Social Media Marketing in 2012

The past year saw many new developments in online marketing, including evolving organic and paid search landscapes, convergence of social media and search marketing, growth of mobile and local searches and a rapid rise in spending on social media marketing using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Online marketers have only begun to explore and respond to these new opportunities.

Based on insights from customers, analysts, and partners, here are five predictions for the evolving landscape in 2012.
  1. Mainstream Organizations Adopt Marketing Automation & Social CRM

  2. Social Media Becomes an Increasing Factor in Search Algorithms

  3. Customers and Employees Become an Extended Part of Companies’ Marketing Teams
  4. Mobile + Social Evolve Together to Create New User Scenarios 

  5. Daily Deals Receive Prominence in Search Engine Result Pages
The successful marketers in 2012 will be those who are quick to embrace and implement integrated online, search and social marketing campaigns. As marketers experiment with multiple mediums, having an integrated solution which measures ROI across the various channels will become ever more essential.

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