Friday, March 30, 2012

The Value of Social Loyalty

With most brands just trying to work out how to best use social media, it’s interesting to look at the flip side where social loyalty is now the big focus of the airline industry (look at all the great KLM work), where social loyalty plays will no doubt transform traditional style frequent flyer programs faster than anything we’ll see over the next few years…
This infographic looks at the future of social loyalty for the airline industry. SimpliFlying conducted a study on how frequent travellers (who travel at least five times a year) use social media and there are some interesting take outs:
  • Almost 90% of frequent flyers use Facebook regularly
  • Over 65% of these users “Like” at least one airline on Facebook
  • Over 80% of frequent fliers want to earn loyalty points by recommending the airline to a friend
  • 72% of frequent fliers would join a social loyalty program

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