Thursday, March 8, 2012

Walgreens gives SoLoMo shoppers instant gratification.

The retailer's coupon offers pops up when a foursquare user checks in.
Time is of the essence in mobile commerce. Mobile shoppers are not kicking back browsing the web—typically they’re looking for something, and want it fast.

Walgreen Co. is wasting no time in getting to a subset of its shoppers. Consumers who check in at a Walgreens store via the foursquare mobile social network instantly receive a coupon for a special offer. What’s more, the coupon can be scanned directly from the smartphone, mobile functionality that puts Walgreens far ahead of the pack.

The Walgreens/foursquare program is an example of the burgeoning SoLoMo technique in mobile commerce: social, local and mobile. The combination of these three ways in which people shop, experts say, can be a potent force.

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