Thursday, March 1, 2012

What does loyalty marketing mean for CPG marketers?

Packaged goods companies have traditionally relied on mass-marketing to communicate with their consumers. The lack of a face-to-face meeting (products are sold through channel partners) with the consumers has made it more complicated for packaged goods brands to implement loyalty practices into their marketing mix. The internet, armed with social media and mobility, has changed the game, but still many are struggling with finding the right loyalty strategy, and therefore still relying solely on the old mechanics.

Most brands now have the possibility to target their important consumers directly and understand their buying behavior better. Marketing CRM, digital coupons, and mobile tactics (such as SMS, QR codes, and mobile promotions) have started to drive sales for many of the leading brands today. Loyalty marketing is for these packaged brands almost the same as for any other industry nowadays: a way to identify, reach, and retain profitable customers.

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