Friday, April 6, 2012

CPG companies are learning: consumers love mobile for immediacy, fun and finding great deals.

Mobile is playing a central role in how customers interact with consumer packaged goods (CPG) / FMCG brands. According to a recent smartphone study, 79% of users rely on smartphones to help with shopping – 69% for more product information, and another 70% while shopping in the store.

The price-conscious shopper may want to redeem a mobile coupon to save $1 on a tube of toothpaste. Another may want to know the most eco-friendly brand of detergent as they shop in store. Or, the more competitive among us may use their mobile device to win a prize via a promotion for their favorite sports drink.

CPG companies typically rely mainly on brand advertising – often through TV campaigns – to connect with consumers. Mobile, provides new ways for consumers to experience CPG brands and connect with products and offers, yet many CPG marketers are not using mobile to reach consumers – and they are missing out.

AaramShop extends the CPG / FMCG shopping wisdom further by enabling a seamless connect of the last mile with the connected device. Using the mobile app of AaramShop, consumers can now get their preferred brands at their doorstep from their trusted neighborhood retailers.

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