Friday, April 6, 2012

Do you trust Google

Google has come under fire over the past year from anti-trust issues to privacy questions. But has this questioning by the mainstream media, bloggers and politicians had an impact on people in general? A new survey finds that 63.4% in the US who use the internet trust Google as much as a year ago, climbing to an overall trust factor 78.4%, when those who said they trust it more are added in.
The survey? My own, using Google’s new Google Consumer Surveys service. While I have some issues with the service (see Is Google Letting Anyone Do “Scientific” Surveys A Good Thing?), it seemed perfect to test how people perceive Google. At the very least, I knew Google would have problems challenging the results.

Most Trust Google The Same

Overall, most people trust Google the same as a year ago, with 63.4% selecting this:
On the one hand, it’s good news for Google that most still trust it the same. Believe me, if you believe the headlines written about Google over the past four months about its privacy policy change reflected what ordinary people think, the “I trust Google less” line would be huge.
Heck, recall that in January, the Washington Post ran a user poll with 66% saying they’d cancel their Google accounts. The poll was noted as being non-scientific. Clearly, it wasn’t, since no major cancellation of Google Accounts actually happened.
It’s even more good news for Google when looking at what I’d call the overall “trust score,” which are those who trust it as much (63.4%) or more (15.0%) than a year ago, a total trust score of 78.4%.

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