Monday, April 16, 2012

Facebook Offers: Coming To A News Feed Near You

Back at the fMC conference in February, Facebook announced a new version of its offers product.  The product looks (and acts) much like the coupons seen in December. The Verge reports that these upgrades are rolling out to the masses today.
The new offers will show up directly within one’s news feeds:
Users can redeem an offer by clicking the “Get Offer” button.  Once redeemed a notification box appears showing the email that the offer was sent too.
The last step of the process includes the Facebook branded email that is sent to the registered email address of the Facebook user.
To create offer, admins must:
  • Click on the “Offer” button in the sharing tool at the top of timeline
  • Create a headline
  • Upload a photo
  • Choose a max number for offers
  • Set an expiration date
  • Add T&C for the offer
  • Post the offer
These offers are also optimized for mobile devices and operate quite similarly to the web implementation.  Offers are also free to run.  However each offer will be available to a limited number of fans.

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