Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Four Reasons Marketers Should Pay Attention to Pinterest

Let’s not beat around the bush. By now, you’ve heard of Pinterest and you’re wondering whether yet another social presence is worth your time and effort.

Though Pinterest probably isn’t right for all brands, you should know these four things about it before you decide what to do.

1. Pinterest is driving serious referral traffic

2. Pinterest users are highly engaged

3. Pinterest can be good for your SEO

4. Pinterest can help humanize your brand

Is Pinterest right for your brand?

Pinterest, like all social media sites, is a means to an end. You need to look at what you are trying to achieve with your marketing programs before you can determine whether Pinterest is an appropriate tool for you.
In 2012, the demographics of Pinterest users and their pinning habits and interests may change. So, even if you determine that Pinterest isn’t right for you now, keep an eye on it. Pinterest may suit your needs later.

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