Friday, April 13, 2012

Google+ Redesigned With New Navigation, Profile Pages

Google today announced a number of new features for Google+, including navigation and design changes. The result: a more “functional and flexible version of Google+,” according to Google’s blog post. More than 170 million people now have Google+ accounts, but what do people think of the update?

First things first... Back in January, Google made Google+ account creation mandatory when users signed up for other Google services. So the 170 million user figure likely includes those who have signed up for Gmail or YouTube, received their Google+ account, and never returned. On January 19th, Larry Page put the Google user headcount at 90 million.
In the past 3 months, an additional 80 million people have signed up for some type of Google service and been assigned a Google+ account as a result. We still patiently wait for actual engagement statistics, though we’re not holding our breath.
The mandatory account creation move had followed hot on the heels of Google’s Search Plus Your World launch and the integration of Google+ brand pages in primary organic search results. More recently, they rolled all of their services into one with the amalgamation of all privacy policies for all Google services.
All of these things are designed to move Google closer to their vision, according to VP Bradley Horowitz, of “changing this mode of interaction so that we actually get to know our users deeply.”

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