Monday, April 23, 2012

How Pinterest is changing the mobile shopper.

Pinterest is taking over the mobile and online space with brands and retailers such as eBay, Amazon and Sephora adding “Pin It” buttons to their product pages, thus encouraging mcommerce and ecommerce sales.

Although Pinterest’s main focus is on the Web, the company does have mobile offerings such as its mobile applications and mobile site. Marketers are seeing the sudden consumer interest of Pinterest and are increasingly looking at ways to engage consumers.

“Pinterest is a better mousetrap for those that like to socially share products,” said Chris Mason, cofounder/CEO of Branding Brand “It puts items front-and-center for admiration and the creation of lookbooks.

“In some ways, using Facebook Like is too generic compared to Pinterest’s ability to solve this specific use-case,” he said. “We find that in mobile, there are many shoppers who are simply there to ‘window shop,’ and Pinterest does a good job of embracing that.”

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