Saturday, April 14, 2012

Is Grocery a "Man" thing?

In September when we came out of with the 1st Online Grocery shopping report we observed that skew was more towards males buying online on ‘Well, that’s the trend everywhere else especially in the e-commerce segment per se’ said the expert opinion makers. Men are generally more “online shopping” friendly than women. So we parked our belief there without any further dubiety.

However after 6 months we thought we would see a change in the male/female ratio keeping in mind rapid internet penetration in our lives and that the penetration rate is more in female segment especially in urban areas of country. However this logic doesn’t seem to have applied either. Now, in the 2nd SOGS, April 2012 Report, male buyers still seem to have outshone women in terms of sex split of shoppers on AaramShop. To check whether this male/female skew is mitigated when it comes to actual walk-in purchases at AaramShops we did a quick dipstick calling up our retailers and know from them what they have to say on this.

“Sir jitne madam hein usse zyada aadmi log shopping karne aatein hein(in English, Our male shoppers out number female shoppers when it comes to grocery buying)” said one retailer in Malviya Nagar, New Delhi. To summarize this 70% of retailers say that there are more men shoppers than women at their floor. 27% say they are equal and the remainder say that they aren’t sure of this. So without any further stirs, it would be safe to conclusively infer that our male friends seem to have been burdened by the grocery responsibility more than our female friends. However this sex split is just a tip of the ice berg when it comes to shopper insights! A much detailed report of shopper analysis can be found in the SOGS April Report. This report can provide scores of insights on shopping behavior, trends, popular categories, brands  that men and women opt when it comes to grocery.

You can click here to download the entire report.

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