Thursday, April 12, 2012

LinkedIn Launches Targeted Updates & Follower Statistics

Just over a month ago, LinkedIn announced a follow button for companies that allowed users to connect with brands across the social network.  Today the follower ecosystem is expanding as LinkedIn is now offering follower statistics and targeted updates.

The targeted updates functionality will allow companies to target specific messages to a segmented audience.   The above photo shows the various sectors that companies can target with the new update feature. LinkedIn describes targeted updates by saying:
 They (marketers) will be able to create hyper-focused follower lists – based on several targeting criteria, including Industry, Seniority, Job Function, Company Size, Non-company Employees, and Geography – to which they can deliver highly relevant content to increase engagement.
The other announced upgrade to the follower system is the addition of detailed statistics for companies.  Not only will companies be able to view follower count, but also track engagement metric that include likes, shares, comments, percentage engagement as well as folower demographic information.
Overall the LinkedIn follower ecosystem has been a success and these additions should only help.  The company points out some statistics gathered around the follower system as well:
  • 70% of LinkedIn members follow, or would follow companies on LinkedIn
  • Half (47%) of current followers agree that LinkedIn is a more appropriate social environment for hearing company news and updates.
  •  63% of LinkedIn members expect companies to have a presence on LinkedIn.

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