Thursday, April 12, 2012

Only Search Engine To See Drop In Queries In March Was Yahoo: Comscore

comScore has released their US search market share statistics for March 2012 and the results show that the only search engine to see a decline in search queries from March 2011 to March 2012 was Yahoo. Google, Bing, AOL and Ask all saw at least a 5% increase in search queries, whereas Yahoo saw a decline of 5% in the number of search queries.
Search Engine market share has not changed much between the various search engines:
  • Google’s share of searches in March was 66.4%, compared with 66.4% in February 2012 and 65.7% in March 2011.
  • Yahoo’s share of searches in March was 13.7%, compared with 13.8% in February 2012 and 15.7% in March 2011.
  • Bing’s share of searches in March was 15.3%, compared with 15.3% in February 2012 and 13.9% in March 2011.
  • AOL’s share of searches in March was 1.6%, compared with 1.5% in February 2012 and 1.6% in March 2011.
  • Ask’s share of searches in March was 3.0%, compared with 3.0% in February 2012 and 3.1% in March 2011.
In terms of search query growth and decline between March 2011 to March 2012:
  • Google’s queries increased 10% y/y in March.
  • Yahoo’s queries decreased 5% y/y in March.
  • Bing’s queries increased 19% y/y in March.
  • AOL’s queries increased 5% y/y in March.
  •’s queries increased 7% y/y in March.
Mobile search queries are not included in this report.

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