Thursday, April 12, 2012

State of Online Grocery Shopping (SOGS) Report: India

When we came out with our firstState of Online Grocery Shopping (SOGS) Report: India, in September 2011, it was a unique report that for the first time brought out what was happening beyond the retail counter in FMCG/ CPG brands. It was not a survey, but was based on the actual online buying that was taking place on AaramShop. Today we are carrying that tradition forward by bringing out our 2nd SOGS Report. 

SOGS Report: India focuses on, and highlights specific trends around the Indian shoppers’ behavior when they shop for groceries and daily essentials online. The report is based on the purchase patterns of FMCG/ CPG brands that are freely listed on AaramShop in 30 different product categories.

AaramShop is a hybrid retail platform which enables sales and marketing of national and regional FMCG / CPG brands, to a busy urban consumer, by leveraging the strengths of the independent neighborhood retailers.

AaramShop enables the neighborhood retailers (also referred to as “mom & pop stores” or “kirana stores”) to have a web-store front to better connect with their existing and potential consumers within their catchment area. AaramShop does not charge the retailers, consumers, or the brand owners for the basic listing or transactions, and does not disrupt the existing distribution models.

Data used to create the 2ndSOGS Report is based on shoppers’ brand purchases captured from the October 01, 2011 till February 29, 2012. Today AaramShop has over 1900 retail partners (AaramShops as we call them) across 26 cities of India.

You can download the comprehensive report from here.

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Awesome. 2nd is better than the 1st. :-)