Monday, April 16, 2012

Supermarket giant Tesco looks to take on Amazon as it opens listings to third-party retailers

The Tesco supermarket’s online store now carries stock from other suppliers including Maplin and Crocus. The move sees the company go head-to-head with outlets like Amazon, providing  more product choices for shoppers.
tescocrocus Supermarket giant Tesco looks to take on Amazon as it opens listings to third party retailersThe addition of these suppliers has also changed the product notes on site. The sellers are clearly marked, as are Tesco’s own products and when something is not in stock, the ‘No seller’ caption is added to items.
A larger range of products available online will no doubt please campagners who have been fighting the spread of Tesco Metro shops (the smaller local version of the supermarket), branding it a ‘Tescopoly’.
The supermarket chain has scaled back plans for future superstores in an effort to boost figures and take on rising competition from Sainsbury’s.
Customers can still claim Tesco loyalty points when buying these products through the online store.
Tesco has a long way to go if it wants to truly take on a giant like Amazon. The beauty and success of Amazon’s online retail service not only encompasses the enormous range of suppliers but also reflects the ease of use and prominent brand position for Web shoppers.
Though Amazon also sells some grocery products alongside it’s known domestic and electronic items, it is not so well known for this service and Tesco would do well to lean on its advantage as a UK brand name for food and home shopping.

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