Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tips For Making Your Google+ Company Page Better

Google+ pages were only launched a few months ago, Google has said that they may have some effect on the search results, as Plus company pages are frequently indexed quickly by Google.
While the Google+ layout takes some getting used to, the new social networking site is growing so fast, that companies need to create a Page for their business. Google+ Pages work like Facebook Pages, where multiple personal profiles have administrative rights and personal profiles cannot be used under a company name.
There are some areas of a Google+ Page that need to be paid special attention to, including the profile picture and the text fields. Making sure the profile is as complete as possible can help ensure a growing and substantial Google+ presence.

Page Profile Picture

Make sure this is the first component that is added to a new Google+ company page. Unlike Facebook, the profile picture must be square, so when an image is uploaded, you have to crop it into a square. The full profile image is 200 X 200px and then the thumbnail is 48 X 48px.

Keyword-Rich Text Fields

There are three main text fields for the Google+ company page: the Tagline, the Introduction, and the Contact/Website fields. The Tagline is comparable to the description meta tag in a website’s header or the about section of the Twitter profile. Google recommends only using about ten words in this section. Longer taglines may get cut off. The Introduction field is an “About” summary section that allows for more content and an overview of the company, its products, and sometimes the mission statement or company goals.
These fields need to be as complete as possible, as they are indexed by Google (and perhaps other search engines, although it is most likely too early to tell).

Promoting The Profile

Once the page has been created, add a +1 company button onto any company websites. Much like the Facebook Fan Box, it allows website visitors to instantly connect to the company’s social media profiles without actually having to go to an external site. Visitors may need to log in through a pop-up window, but usually that is more convenient than going to another website entirely.


Because Google+ has a minimalist feel, photos can really make an impact. In the About section of the Page, there is a “Scrapbook” area, where administrators can add applicable company photos. Administrators can also add photo albums and post photos directly onto the Page’s wall. All of these options should be utilized to make the page more graphical and eye-catching.

Promote Internal Marketing

Once the Page has been completely set up, it is advisable to add multiple administrators who can post content and other media (such as photos and videos) to the Page as needed. As long as the employees are versed in company social media policies, having many administrators can help build a flourishing community with multiple company points of view and content to share.
Additionally, share the Google+ Page URL with all employees so they can add the Page to their circles and promote it on their own profiles so the company can continue to get more +1′s and to increase engagement.
Keyword-rich profiles, colorful media, and a dedicated social media marketing team can help ensure that Google+ is a successful component of a company’s social media marketing strategy.

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