Saturday, April 14, 2012

Top 20 FMCG / CPG brands in India (by Value) - purchased online.

The 2nd State of Online Grocery Shopping report for India has been released. The top twenty most purchased FMCG / CPG brands in India on AaramShop are as under: (by value)

AaramShop has seen transactions in all 30 categories during the period of the report. The categories that have seen transactions represent the entire basket of goods that a typical household buys in a month, whether offline or online. 

The top 20 brands make up 50.21% of the total value of the products sold.

As compared to the first SOGS Report, we have observed that the share of the top categories and brands has come down. This suggests a more even buying pattern spread out across the categories and brands. 

You can download the comprehensive SOGS report from here. 

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