Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Unilever’s Lynx Does Pop-Up F-Commerce Store

Why set up shop on Facebook?  To sell more product?  Nope. To build your brand. Yep.

That’s the approach that CPG giant Unilever is taking to launch a brand extension to its billion-dollar mega-brand Axe (‘Lynx’ in the UK) in the UK, ‘Lynx Attract for Her’.  A first 100 cans of the hither-to men-only brand went on sale to the brands 700K+ fans on a pop-up Facebook fan-store.

100 cans at £3.25 ($5.11) netted the brand all of £325 ($511) when they went on sale at 4pm, January 23, 2012 – and sold out pretty much immediately.  Why bother?

Cynics will call it a PR stunt. Unilever can claim “launched on Facebook” credibility for the youth-oriented Lynx Attract for Her. And in the trade press, the stunt has captured headlines.  Good for Unilever sales teams negotiating shelf space in supermarkets and drug stores, and good resumé fodder for the digital team too.

But launching products with pop-up stores on Facebook, and more generally brand-building with pop-up f-commerce is smart branding.

Essentially the Axe fan-store will build brand value by activating brand fans (700K+ registered on Facebook) through fan-first exclusivity.


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