Saturday, April 21, 2012

Using effective merchandising to drive sales.

This is not earth shattering – we know for instance that confectionery placed at checkouts and high-value Barbie dolls sited in a young girl’s eye line lead to incremental purchase value. What’s most interesting to me however is how few consumer goods companies actively seek to grow sales by leveraging effective merchandising, writes .

Many trade marketers blandly state that the best position on shelf is ‘at eye level’. But whose eye-level are we talking about? In a diverse human population heights very enormously. Further, research always shows that shoppers don’t stare at the horizon, they angle their gaze at about 15 degrees below the horizon. Recent research that were conducted using TNS’ eye tracking technology showed how the eye level of milk shoppers is actually a blind spot.

In the distant past (or the early nineties) Mars were able to calculate the sales impact of moving products into a hotshot (the center of a supermarket shelf between hip and shoulder level). Products in this zone delivered sales that were 40% greater than base sales in a neutral position.

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