Saturday, April 28, 2012

Which of your digital marketing channels assist most in conversions?

Ashley Friedlein has shared the below data from the last few months from Google Analytics using their Assisted Conversions report within Multi-Channel Funnels:

Ashley Friedlein's  initial observations are that:
  • It is surprising perhaps that email is the "most assist-y" channel? Are we all still thinking about email too much as a direct/sales-driver channel?
  • Social media, not surprisingly, has a very high appearance as a channel that assists in many conversions but is more rarely the last click.
  • Organic search drives a lot of value and conversions but, perhaps surprisingly, looks for us to be more of a 'last click' channel. People search, we rank, they click, they buy (or not). That's the journey.
  • "Direct" as a medium has grown a lot for us in the last year. Unfortunately 'direct' is shrouded in some mystery now but is mostly made up of social referrals with no obvious referrer and, of late, a large chunk of encrypted Google natural search referrals.

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