Friday, April 20, 2012

Who REALLY Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website?

Although online (mobile) product purchases have a nature of their own, smart marketers should still pursue how mobile search (and a mobile-friendly presence) applies to our own set of customer conversions.
Shopper Data Aggregated from March 2012
  • 75 percent to 95 percent of all visits to mShopper’s mobile stores arrive at product or category-specific pages directly from product searches on mobile web browsers. Barber stated the data also supports other industry research that shows “mobile shoppers are more interested in finding a deal on a product and are less loyal to any specific brand or store.”
  • 81 percent of the network’s mobile shoppers who start the checkout process have never shopped with that merchant, and as a result, create a new account via their mobile device.
  • The top 5 product categories with the largest percentage of mobile phone visits to their website, in order of popularity, are: Baby, Eyewear, Sporting Goods, Watches and Toys.
  • The top 5 product categories with the highest mobile phone conversion rates, in order, are: Toys, Home Furnishings, apparel, Beauty and Eyewear.


In consideration of mobile usage, mobile search and the mobile shopper (won’t that be all of us at some point?), mobile-friendly websites are quickly becoming a necessity to a complete marketing effort.
Wondering if this applies to you yet? Check your web analytics to see what percentage of your traffic is coming from a mobile device. If it’s getting close to 10 percent or more, many would say you’re already running late. And at the rate the times are changing, may as well check again three months from now.
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