Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Will Your Customers Hold For Better Service?

Customer service goes hand in hand with customer loyalty. Many brands are aware of it and are trying to enhance their customer service so in case something somewhere goes wrong, the unsatisfied customer gets the best possible treatment.

Will Your Customers Hold For Better Service?
How many times have you been waiting for ages to get transferred, listened to ridiculous music while waiting and explained your problem over and over again? Not only you were getting more and more frustrated, but also spent a lot of precious time to get the issue solved. Or not.
Did you give the company another chance? Would you recommend it to your peers after such experience? I doubt that. And this can happen to even to the most loyal customers of your company…

A recent survey by ClickFox, a customer experience analytics company, gathered data and looked at the results and reactions a bad customer service may result in.
Sometimes it seems to me that brands don’t care about customers and even the loyal ones and forget that customers won’t give a second chance.
What’s the most frustrating for them?

  • having to speak to multiple people and explain the problem over and over again
  • being kept on hold a.k.a. listen to lame music
  • inexperienced representative
Also, and this is nothing new, when customers experience bad customer service they almost immediately:
  • tell family/friends
  • ask for supervisor
  • cease doing business with the company
And as peers are the most trusted sources, the prospect clients wi’ll probably avoid such a company even if promised heaven on earth. Including consumers’ comments and reviews and word-of-mouth influence plus taking the power of social media into account, hope your community manager has a well prepared crisis management.
Some of great examples of how to keep the loyal customers loyal through help desk? Go for social media! With the help of twitter it’s easy to manage hundreds of requests as Xbox supportBest Buy’s Twelpforce and others are doing.

Companies need loyal customers and more importantly keep them satisfied. Even though customers may rarely share good experience with customer service, it’s highly probable that they’ll become advocates of the brand and start recommending your products and services.
It might seem as a long way with obstacles but at the end the brand and company are rewarded with positive buzz, recommendations and of course loyal customers  that can become brand advocates.

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