Sunday, April 29, 2012

YouTube Gains as Facebook Numbers Continue to Slide

Nielsen just released their Top Web Brands stats for March 2012. The usual suspects made the list, but when you compare the charts to months back, you can see an interesting trend. YouTube’s audience is growing — as it should. Facebook’s audience is on the decline — no comment.
Here’s the newest data:
Compared to August of last year:
Facebook is still easily holding second place and they rule the world when it comes to time per person. YouTube’s growth hasn’t been enough to raise them up out of fifth place, but even a slight gain in audience beats a decline anytime.
If you circle back a full year, you’ll find that Facebook was on the rise. March of 2011 had them at 135,695,000. The decline appears to kick in around September of 2011. Just a fluke or are people actually tired of Facebook?
What do you think? Is Facebook’s decline going to continue or will the numbers surge again before the end of the year?

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