Friday, April 13, 2012

YouTube Live Adds Real Time Analytics, Paid Live Streaming & More

YouTube Live did something completely different to celebrate its first birthday. Its engineers gave three gifts to YouTube Partners, wrapped up as new features:
  • Wirecast for YouTube Live: This new software allows partners to produce and stream professional-looking live events directly from their desktops to YouTube for free. It allows partners to capture and switch between multiple video and audio sources, roll in media files and images, as well as add live effects and overlays. If you are a YouTube Partner who is enabled for livestreaming, you’ll see a link to download Wirecast for YouTube in your YouTube account.
  • New publishing flows and real time analytics: Partners now have a guided flow to set up and preview live events before they go live. They can also see real time access to data like playbacks and concurrent viewers of their live streams by geography and format.
  • Monetize live streams: Partners can now monetize their live events with advertising or other paid options. 
What does this mean to marketers? YouTube Partners have live streamed a broad range of events. This opens up a whole new category of content for partners to create and advertisers to consider.

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