Friday, May 11, 2012

4 Ways to Use Pinterest for Market Research

How well do you know your customers? Exercises in market research and social listening are ways to get to know your customers and stay on top of how their interests change over time. This key data can come in handy when putting together marketing strategies or developing new products.
Pinterest can be used to monitor and listen to what’s top of mind with your customers today. In fact, Pinterest can be used to help with product research, inspiration for content and even help improve website usability.
Four areas on Pinterest stand out as the best places to start your market research with Pinterest: Categories, Gifts, Descriptions, and Boards.
interest organizes pins into categories ranging from architecture to weddings. The categories themselves lend to social listening, in that they are a quick and easy way to see what content is popular in a given niche. Additionally, the general Popular category is available for users to see the most popular of all pins on Pinterest.
A graphic designer could monitor popular ideas for print or posters by examining the content in that category. Are there fonts and copy that seem to be more popular? Looking at the comments on some of the pins might give further ideas on how the public relates to the item, and also how to improve the print or poster.

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