Sunday, May 6, 2012

Achieving brand loyalty will be more about achieving emotional connections.

Dominic Citino CPG Director, Microsoft has highlighted 5 key trends that will impact the category from a digital perspective. The "need to connect emotionally" is one of the trends as he sees impacting brands marketers in the future.

As marketers we have always tried to create an emotional connection between our brands and consumers. More and more marketers are pursuing brand affinity and loyalty through campaigns that have little to do with the characteristics of the products they support. Issues such as sustainability, societal challenges, patriotism/nationalism, family values, and other subjects that foster strong emotional responses are often now linked directly or indirectly to brands.

Takeaway: Digital storytelling will become a core competency of digital brand campaigns. These stories will live seamlessly across screens, the same way consumers live. Multi-screen platforms will play an increasingly important role as brands looks to provide engagement opportunities that are relevant, actionable, personal, and emotional.

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