Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Advertising Your Mobile Apps on Google Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Mobile advertising continues to grow. If you are a search marketer, you can’t read a blog or check your Twitter feed without seeing another article about the growth of mobile advertising. Google AdWords is helping to continue driving this trend by offering new features that make mobile advertising even easier.

Mobile App Extension

Google is on a roll with new ad extensions in AdWords. Not only can you create Sitelinks, Product Extensions and Social Extensions, now you can extend your ad with info about your mobile apps. Considering that not everyone who searches for your brand or on a keyword related to your app knows you have a mobile app, this is a great way to let those searchers know.
Because this is an ad extension, a link to download your app appears in conjunction with your normal text ad in the search results (on computers, mobile or tablet). Not only does this mean you can position your app in front of searchers, but it can also lead to an overall lift in CTR.
According to Google, they saw a 6 percent lift in CTR when the Mobile App Extension was displayed during beta testing. Here is what the extension looks like in the wild (via Inside AdWords):
AdWords, find the “Ad Extensions” tab and click through. From there, find the drop-down list of available extensions and click on “Mobile App Extension.” At this point you need to do the following:
  • Select Mobile OS – either Android or iOS (Apple)
  • Enter “Package Name” for Android or “App ID” for iOS. You can also use Google’s handy “Look up app” utility.
  • Write link text. This is important – this your only chance to convince the searcher to click through to download your app.
  • Enter the link URL – the physical location of your app on Google Play or iTunes.

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