Monday, May 14, 2012

Consumers vs. shoppers, it all makes sense now.

Ever wonder what the difference was between a consumer and a shopper, but were afraid to ask at the risk of a marketer spewing more jargon. Good news. Turns out consumers and shoppers are pretty much the same and have been all along.

Offering a breath of fresh air on the topic this week was Fern Grant, SVP strategic planning for MARS Advertising. Grant, a psychologist who became a market researcher turned advertising executive, made the case for a holistic view that puts the “person” at the center of the discussion rather than shoving them into the “consumer” or “shopper” box depending upon where they may be along a path to purchase that is no longer linear. 

People who buy stuff don’t view themselves as consumers or shoppers, and if brands, retailers and agencies did the same they would be better able to leverage the wealth of insights that are now available to more effectively influence behavior.

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