Monday, May 21, 2012

Convenience & Mobile Ads Rank as Top Drivers of Mobile Phone Shopping Activities

70% of Participants View Mobile Ads as Personal Invitations, Opening Opportunities for Brand Advertisers to Engage Consumers. 

The IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence today released “The IAB Mobile Phone Shopping Diaries,” research that unveils that mobile advertising is a key driver of smartphone and feature phone shopping. This is second only to convenience, with survey participants agreeing that the proximity and capabilities of their mobile phone often make it “the easiest way” to carry out a particular shopping activity. This study was conducted by On Device Research, gathering smartphone and feature phone users to create detailed “day in the life” diaries of their mobile phone shopping behavior, followed by participation in an in-depth survey.

When it comes to perceptions about mobile advertising, the majority of respondents (70%) agreed that mobile advertising is a welcome personal invitation from brands, rather than an “invasion.” In addition, half (51%) of those same respondents said they want the mobile ads they click on to allow them to browse the brand or company's broader product offerings.

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