Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The digital path to purchase has gone mainstream.

Dominic Citino CPG Director, Microsoft has highlighted 5 key trends that will impact the category from a digital perspective. The emergence of the digital path to purchase is one of the trends as he sees impacting brands marketers in the future.

"The impact of digital on consumers in the context of their path to purchase has created a more complex ‘digital path to purchase.’ This is a foundational change to shopping that has challenged all marketers and made ‘digital path to purchase’ a necessary part of the brand marketer’s lexicon. Consequently, marketers have stepped up digital path to purchase solutions, where the success of digital engagement is measured more directly via activation at retail (foot traffic, in-store conversion, and cross-category conversion). 

Takeaway: Creating successful digital path to purchase solutions will happen at the intersection of media and technology with content, context, and experience coming together in a way that helps to move shoppers along their journey.

At AaramShop we see view this altered path to purchase as the new reality, created with the advent (and now common place) of social + mobile technologies. Our solution pioneers the integration of the ZMOT of a brand with its FMOT & also enables a brand to have an last mile integrated brand campaign, thereby ensuring digital engagement and its measurement.   

Read more of Dominic Citino views here

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