Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Direct engagement for marketers is the new normal.

Dominic Citino CPG Director, Microsoft has highlighted 5 key trends that will impact the category from a digital perspective. Direct engagement is the 1st trend as he sees impacting brands marketers in the future.

"Direct engagement has become the new rallying cry for brand marketers looking to build relationships with shoppers that are not completely dependent on retailers. Like their retail partners, brand marketers are leveraging digital as a way to engage with an increasingly digital consumer. This maturation of the selling process has taken a number of forms, including a stepped up presence in social, search, multi-screen brand opportunities, and eCommerce."

Takeaway: Expect successful campaigns in 2012 to be ones that can be measured on a variety of activation and impact metrics that include online purchase, consumer-initiated brand evangelism, the amount and quality of new consumer buying insight generated, and of course, in-store purchase.

At AaramShop we enable brands to implement a comprehensive direct engagement strategy using digital as the primary driver, which helps them engage wider and deeper.

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