Monday, May 14, 2012

Fewer stores, more digital shoppers

The growing importance of the web is not lost on the retail chains. “More chain retailers are coming to the realiza­tion that they don’t need to expand their store count or operate as many locations as they once did because more of their business is becoming web-based,” says Will Ander, a senior partner with retail industry consulting firm McMillanDoolittle. “The smart chains are the ones looking to grow online because there aren’t that many places left in the U.S. that warrant the cost of building another big-box store.”

In the wake of closing stores and looking to compete more effectively against web-only merchants, some chains are looking to devote more resources to e-commerce. 

For many big chain retailers, their future is clearly in growing their online channel—and not in perpetual expansion of their store count, says Kent Allen

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