Saturday, May 5, 2012

Five awesome tips to extract valuable SEO secrets from Google analytics data

Google analytics provides a wealth of valuable SEO data. But are you using it to its full potential to help create better content, drive more traffic and convert it more effectively?
It often helps to mine Google analytics data for SEO intelligence with a specific business objective in mind. The analytics and SEO tips covered in this articles are all techniques I use to help me decide what new content to create, and whether or not my content is making an impact.
Remember that any SEO insight you derive from analytical data needs to be moderated by your social marketing and business requirements. Just because Google rates you very highly for one keyword doesn't mean you should focus your entire SEO content strategy on that topic - you might alienate loyal readers who enjoy your coverage on a wide range of topics.

Segment analytics data for today

Exclude erroneous traffic spikes from analytical data

Use content navigation to analyze traffic patterns

Use secondary dimensions

Segmented visitor flow view

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