Saturday, May 19, 2012

For Better Facebook Engagement, Post on Topics Related To, But Not About, Your Brand [Study]

The best way to engage followers is to talk about subjects related to your brand, but not necessarily your own products or services. Brands looking to generate shares should use photos and videos in their posts, while a clear call to action helps drive more Likes, according to results of an internal study by Facebook.
On the Facebook Studio blog, the social giant shares insight from their recent four-week study of 23 brands across six industries. Posts were divided into three types of content to determine which drove the most user engagement.
Overall, posts related to the brand but not about specific products or services entice more users to Like, Share, or otherwise engage. Starbucks Facebook Page is a great example of this type of strategy; a quick look through their Timeline shows a great mix of posts about Starbucks initiatives, community involvement, coffee in general, but very few actually promoting a specific product.

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