Monday, May 7, 2012

How to Launch Facebook Offers in Minutes

One of the most powerful features you can use to promote your business is Facebook Offers. That's the good news. The even better news is that it takes just minutes to create an offer.  Here we will go step by step from idea to redemption. I will make some simple assumptions as skip a few steps such as "Log into your Facebook account."

Step by Step

1.  On your page, at the top of your timeline on the left hand side you will see an image listing:  Status, Photo/Video, Offer, Event +

2.  Click Offer, Event +

3.  A dialog box will open.  Click Offer.  (This area also has other tools such as Event, Milestone, Question aka Polls).

4.  A new dialog box will open and here's where we start to get down to business.

Make the Offer 

Upload an Image - the image should be clean and uncluttered.  A simple close up of the item is all that's needed.

Write a Headline - keep it simple and strong.  This is the call to action and what will get people in your door.

Limit the Number of Offers People Can Claim - two thoughts here; create a large number.  This leads people to believe you need a large amount to meet demand or use a small number to create scarcity and urgency.  You decide.

Set an Expiration Date for your offer - simple enough

Add your Terms and Conditions - 1 per person, 1 per day, 1 per table, cannot be combined with other offers.  Whatever is appropriate for your situation.

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