Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kimberly-Clark Empowers Front-End Innovation

Kimberly-Clark is on a multi-year journey to improve its results from innovation. Like many consumer goods companies, one of its biggest challenges was creating high-value ideas and concepts to grow new product revenue. The quantity of ideas was not the problem — it was the quality.
Joining Bosselaar were experts from Kalypso and Sopheon who shared a "Top 10" list of CG industry-leading practices for improving ideation and concept development processes. Gale Fogg, senior manager for Kalypso (formerly of Procter & Gamble), and Bryan Seyfarth, director of Product Strategy for Sopheon, revealed best practices such as:
1. Define a fair, transparent, repeatable process that everyone understands
2. Eliminate “Reinventing the Wheel”
3. Connect ideation to concept development and testing to provide context required 
for learning.
4. Systems need to be user-friendly, intuitive, fast to learn.
5. Establish a process and accountability for continuous improvement of the FEI process.

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