Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kit Kat Offers Fans in Singapore a Social Media Break

Kit Kat is famous for their “give me a break” slogan and now they’re using it to give their fans in Singapore a much needed break from social media!
According to the Kit Kat Social Break website, 50% of 19-26 year olds in China, Singapore and US say keeping up social media is too time consuming and stressful. They say that they feel pressured to be in constant contact and guilty if they don’t respond right away to social media messages.
The solution? Kit Kat’s Social Break widget. The widget helps the user keep up on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The Facebook portion automatically “likes” any photos or updates that are tagged with your name. The Twitter helper automatically replies to Tweets with a relevant response randomly chosen from a list. The LinkedIn helper auto shares posts your contacts have shared. Says the copy: Now it is possible to seem intelligent without even lifting a finger.
The concept is all about marketing Kit Kat candy bars but it’s pretty brilliant. We’ve all become addicted to social media but China really takes the the prize for dedication. Nestle says that 91% of the respondents from China have visited a social media site in the past six months. This compares to 67% in the US and only 30% in Japan.

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