Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Order everything online!

E-commerce begins to spark a revolution in the city, as Coimbatoreans use the internet to buy and sell products and get pretty much anything delivered at their doorstep. 

While the Internet revolution has made life more convenient for Gen X, it has also begun to find favour with the not so net savvy generation, with increasing effect. While social networking and viral media take up a fair share of space among teens and the youth, online shopping for electronic goods, household items, grocery and other convenience items are making things far more convenient for workingwomen too.

E-shopping has become an increasingly convenient option across the country, as it not just saves busy professionals the long commute to a showroom or retail store, it also gives them a variety of products, often not available in the city, to choose from and that too at lower prices than what you'd physically find on the shelves. Everyday errands that needed a little bit of extra effort after a hard day's work are now being reduced to a more convenient platform with various internet portals catering to almost every need of products and services.

From clothes and shoes, to books and cosmetics as well as grocery shopping to purchasing diapers for kids, online sites are making them available at the click of a button, often at lower rates.

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