Wednesday, May 23, 2012

P&G on Facebook Ads

P&G’s optimization approach for digital is not unlike the continuous improvement processes long used on factory floors, and some of its brands, including Pantene, are using continuous data on consumers’ response to digital ads to tweak media buys and inform creative elements.

For about a year, Pantene has been using such a system, Smart Media, developed with Resource Interactive, Cincinnati. Smart Media analyzes click-through rates and flash surveys on purchase intent across numerous permutations of ads and placements.

The billion-dollar hair-product brand has improved performance on those target metrics by 28% to 90% vs. the previous system of creative pretesting alone, according to Marketing Director Kevin Crociata.

The program evaluates three creative elements (the headline, hair visual and background color), and Pantene makes changes based on how different combinations of each element perform in various media placements.

The brand makes discoveries that inform future creative. Those have included that white backgrounds don’t work well on Yahoo, orange is effective on Facebook and blondes get a better response than brunettes on some sites.


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