Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pampers Tested Live streaming on Facebook

Pampers tested livestreaming an online TV show to its UK & Ireland Facebook pageearlier this year:

The session featured baby sleep expert Wendy Dean, who shared her advice with those watching.

P&G UK marketing innovation manager Ben Tatlow said that this is the first livestream the company has run within a social media platform in the UK.

Streaming live into an event tab adds a new level of engagement to Facebook-based activity, since it allows a brand to invite its community to join the event – while providing a permanent reminder that it’s happening.
He added that an additional benefit of hosting a webchat via Facebook is that you get an instant idea of how popular ait will be, bearing in mind that the vast majority of views always come afterwards, on-demand.

P&G will be running a video ad campaign within Facebook to drive more views over the two-hour period that the show airs.
Clicking one of the ‘watch now’ style messages in the right-hand column on Facebook will open a lightbox, with the player embedded, which will also feature its own mini wall. This means that P&G will be able to compare engagement according to viewers watching and commenting from within its page, to those clicking on an ad.

This is a proof of concept project for P&G, but Goldsmith says that he already believes it will be successful based on engagement levels from other client projects.

He also quotes stats from Facebook that suggest a brand only reaches 17% of its community with a simple wall post, since posts that friends’ have commented on or liked are more likely to be given top billing. It’s harder than ever to ‘be seen’ without paying for it.


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