Friday, May 18, 2012

Pepsi's Use of Social Media is Right On

The rise of social and mobile is rewriting the marketing playbook for even the most established companies. While many brands are still casting a wary eye at social media for business, Pepsi has embraced the technology, carving out an ambitious social strategy aimed at building relationships with the Millennial generation, soon to be the largest consumer group in US history.
using social media the right way
recent article by David Hatch of US News and World Report does a great job of breaking down Pepsi’s social strategy, the centerpiece of which is its “Live For Now” marketing campaign. The campaign, targeting 18-35 year olds, is a great example of an established brand effectively utilizing five critical aspects of social media marketing: consumer engagement, user-generated content, data aggregation, geo-local, and inbound marketing.
Pepsi’s new digital dashboard is the most recent iteration of an online strategy that included last year's debut of Pepsi Pulse and Sound Off, online destinations that encouraged visitors to comment on The X-Factor, a Fox network reality television show whose sponsors include Pepsi.
To further engage its online community, the song selection and encores for a Pepsi concert series this summer featuring major artists will be chosen in part by tweets from the live audience and people watching online.¹
"Pepsi is learning that if you want to remain relevant with this new type of consumer, you have to be where they are, you have to talk their language," and you have to connect with them in a way that "keeps them feeling like they want to be part of your brand," says Brian Solis, a principal analyst at the Altimeter Group. Connected consumers, he adds, are "getting groomed and conditioned to expect the world to come to them."¹

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