Saturday, May 12, 2012

Relatively few online grocery shoppers, but offline shoppers still have digital needs

Selling groceries online has never quite lived up to the potential that was once predicted. Most consumers, as it turns out, have been slow to give up the in-store shopping experience.

“What is changing—and rapidly—is how likely grocery shoppers are to use a variety of digital tools to research and plan purchases, whether or not those purchases ultimately are made online,” said Krista Garcia, eMarketer analyst and author of the new report, “US Digital Grocery Shopping: Meeting Demand at Home, In-Aisle and On the Go.” “These tools are affecting how brick-and-mortar retailers sell groceries, and how supermarkets and customers interact.”

While many consumers are doing pre-purchase research ahead of going to the grocery store, a much smaller percentage are actually buying groceries online.

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