Monday, May 28, 2012

Retailers Betting Big On Technology, Need To Be 'Liked'

From iPads  and mobile apps to social networking and location-based marketing, retailers are betting on technology and trying to be ‘liked’ to sell more stuff.

Sears emphasized technology at its annual shareholder meeting in Hoffman Estates, Ill.  last week. It trotted out a sales associate from a nearby store to demonstrate how tablets are used to connect with customers and extend the relationship digitally after they leave the store.

The retailer is also busy building what management is calling an integrated retail experience.  “Some talk about multichannel or omnichannel, but at Sears we talk about it as integrated retail,” Sears CEO Lou D’Ambrosio told attendees. “Other people are going after different parts, but I don’t think anybody has the resources holistically to go after the customer the way we can.”

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