Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Social Media & Digital Marketing Engagement Gap

A new study from the CMO Club and Digiday uncovered a gap between how people use social sites and how we’re marketing to them on those platforms. They started out looking for something completely different – the gaps in the capabilities and perspectives amongst marketers, agencies and publishers, but found that another gap existed:

The real glaring gap is the massive divide between consumers’ online activity and the current digital marketing practices used to reach and engage them.

Digitally empowered consumers are engaging with content and brands in real-time and on their own terms across channels and devices. Firms across the current digital landscape are struggling to evolve and execute cross-channel and real-time interactive digital marketing programs to become more relevant to these consumers, says this report.

Only a quarter of agencies, marketers and publishers are engaged in cross-channel digital marketing and a scant 15% on average do real-time interactive marketing.

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