Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Steps to achieving digital marketing excellence

A common tactic tried by many is to hire ‘digital gurus’ to come and magically fix their problems. They are then frequently isolated and over stretched so they often move on after six months due to frustration and a lack of understanding of their role.
Or, in todays job market where digital skills are at a premium, they simply get a better package elsewhere.  
On the flip side, some companies invest in training for their ‘traditional marketers’ without considering that there are organizational elements of the business that need to change as well.
Add to this a market that constantly evolves and the resistance to change most people have and you have a heady concoction of failure.
We have spent the last five years working with clients and developing tools that allow us to measure maturity and competency across the digital landscape. This has given us some unique insight into what does work. Here are top eight.

1. Understand where you are now

Many companies come to us wanting help to train their teams to be more effective digital marketers. Very few have any real knowledge of what digital marketing skills they currently have. 

We all logically know it’s hard to plot a course if you don’t know where your journey starts. Making sure you have some form of understanding of people’s current skills is an essential first step. 
Start with some form of assessment although be careful to manage the process and not start an exam and failure culture.
2. Define excellence for YOUR business
Digital excellence can be very different for different types of companies, operating in different markets. For example a large global B2B business with a few hundred global customers doesn’t need to understand advanced email segmentation strategies that would be essential for a retailer.
Knowing where your journey ends can then help define the program you need. We do this using a set of maturity frameworks we have developed but you can start with a simple audit of key marketing outcomes/techniques.

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